Conservation and Restoration of Gabaldon and Other Heritage School Buildings

The Department of Education in consultation with other government institutions, to implement a program for the identification and conservation of all Gabaldon school buildings nationwide as it symbolizes the first foundation of the Philippine public school system, where every Filipino was given the opportunity to have access to proper education.

To date, there are 2,045 Gabaldon Schoolhouses that still exist and are treated as important structures considering their architectural, historical, social, and scientific significance. Originated from Act. No. 1801 or the Gabaldon Law, legislation written by ASSEMBLYMAN ISAURO GABALDON of the Philippine Assembly in 1907. Using modern construction technologies such as reinforced concrete and galvanized iron roofing designed by William E. Parsons, the appointed supervising architect in charge during the early period of American colonization in the country. Parsons integrated elements from the bahay kubo and bahay na bato that are appropriate for a tropical climate. The Department of Education also caters to restoring and maintaining other historical building sites like Baguio Teachers Camp (BTC) to preserve their historical and cultural legacy.

Gabaldon School Buildings

Gabaldon 1

Gabaldon 2

Gabaldon 3