Last Mile Schools Program

The Department of Education developed the Last Mile Schools Program that aims to address the gaps in resources and facilities of schools that are in geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas.

The Last Mile Schools Program has transformed makeshift classrooms into standard ones, installed solar panels in those areas where electrification has not been provided, processed school site ownership that enabled unhampered school building constructions, and deployed several teachers to provide quality and sustainable education for the disadvantaged Filipino learners living in the most isolated and conflicted areas of the country.

From CY 2020-2022, The Department of Education targeted 260 sites of Last Mile Schools to be constructed with the total budget of Php 4.4 billion. As of February 2023, there are 73 sites have already been completed across the country, with a total of 152 sites ongoing construction while the remaining numbers are still pending, under procurement, and reverted sites. This initiative is part of the department’s commitment to bringing quality education and closing the gaps between marginalized schools in rural areas and their counterparts in urban centers. The photos above are some of the ongoing and finished construction of Last Mile School Buildings in various isolated areas of the country.