School Furniture turned over to Pikit National High School

Video Credits
Pikit National High School
Director & Script Writer: Maleha G. Abdula, T-I
Videographer, Editor & Script: Jose Raul Luchavez, T-I
Executive Producer: Abdulkadir K. Buda, P-I

A total of 2,800 sets of tables and chairs were successfully turned over on March 7, 2023 at Pikit National High School. On February 27, 2023, VP and Secretary Sara Z. Duterte visited Pikit National High School to assess the status of the learners, teachers, and school where she observed the lack of chairs and tables in each classroom for the two 4-storey buildings.

Asec. Chris Arnuco communicated with OUSIF thru EFD and SIMO to cater VP Sara’s instruction to arrange the delivery of chairs and tables. SIMO coordinated with the LGU of Pikit and Provincial Government of Cotabato to assist in the hauling of the chairs and tables from Davao City.